Gulbenkian at Hotel Aviz

Today it is a awful tower, the Commercial Center Imaviz. But it was in one of the most sophisticated hotels in Lisbon, the Aviz Hotel, in the Avenue Fontes Pereira de Melo (telephone 48101). In 1941/42 an Armenian,  Calouste Gulbenkian, with Iranian diplomatic passport nº 712, inhabited there, where Azeredo Perdigão, a reputed comercial Lawyer in Lisbon would make him to create the generous Gulbenkian Foundation. Installed in a “suite”, his entourage was Miss Isabelle Theis, secretary (passport nº 20328), Helène Wilhelm, maid, of French nationality, Eugène Bruneau, “valete” and nurse, of French nationality (passport nº 763), José Martinez, "courier" and interpreter, of Spanish nationality (passport nº 1411) and Mehmed Saradjoglu, driver of Turkish nationality (passaport nº 709/105). His wife stayed in Hotel Palácio in Estoril.
Known, as the Palácio, for the refusal to accept Axis connected guests, the Hotel was the stage for many stories concerning the secret war in this country.