Nigel West & Bond

One book more from "Nigel West" will be released soon: Historical Dictionary of Ian Fleming's James Bond. "Nigel West" is the pen name for Rupert William Simon Allason, a former Conservative Party politician, remembered by not voting the Maastricht Treaty. A prolific writer, his bibliography on intelligence is massive. But academics take some distance towards his line of research.
Bond is yet a goldmine. After John Pearson (1966 and 2007), Donald McCormick (1993), Andrew Lycett (1995) biographies, Amis (1965), Benson (1988), Pfeifer & Worral (2003) and Chancellor (2005), not to quote many others studies on Fleming, let’s wait for this new one. Commander Fleming started his carreer as a writer after his work in the NID, the Naval Intelligence Department of the British Navy. He visited Portugal during WW2 and inspired in a night at the Casino of Estoril for his first novel, Casino Royale. Last year I published a book about Bond/Fleming psychological connections, the author being as neurotic as the creature he gave the codename 007.