Polish Secret Services in Portugal

Jan Stanislaw Ciechanowski wrote about Polish intelligence activity in the Iberian Peninsula. An important study, with extensive details and acurate information leading to the conclusion that «Lisbon became one of the foremost centres of Polish Intelligence, at least until the Allied landings in Normandy», being «the most important contribution made by the Polish secret services in the Iberian Peninsula the mission carried out by Lt-Col. Jan Kowalewski», case he also studied in full.
The text os these studies are published in the first volume of the Report of the Anglo-Polish Historical Committee [volume 1, Valentine Mitchell, London, 2005, pp. 261 ff.].
Some pages before Gill Bennett makes a minor mention to «the few Poles to whom rerence has been found»: Eugenia Miladoska [«who appeared to have an intimate connection with both Polish and Czech Intelligence in Lisbon], Waclaw Sledziewski and Zygmunt Cedro [representative of the Polish Naval Intelligence in Lisbon] and Sylvia Wallace née Wokolowska [to be a member of the staff of the British POC in Lisbon in charge of Polish intelligence].