Secret War in Portugal [1939-1945]
For SOE [British Special Operation Executive] 24 Land was the code name for Portugal

Salazar and the Funk Plan

In a letter, dated 26 June 194, written to David Eccles [MEW in Lisbon] , Roger Makins [here and here], of the British Foreing Office, asked him about the intentions of Salazar concerning the course of the War. «Is he tempted by the possibility of exorcising the spectre of Bolshevism and the menace of American materialism at the cost of accepting a place in the New order?».
A footnote remarks that «Hitler's new order envisage in the Funk Plan», which means this plan for Europa devised by Walther Funk [see here and for further references here] III Reich's Minister for Economy and President of the Reichsbank [full text here]:

«By concluding long-term economic agreements with European countries it will be possible to assign a place for the German market in the long-term production planning of these countries, i.e. as a safe export outlets will be found to exist for German goods in European markets.
By creating stable exchange rates a smooth working system of payments must be assured for the carrying on of trade between individual countries. In so doing we hall link up with the existing payments agreements, which will be expanded to include a greater volume of trade on the basis of stable exchange rates. By an exchange of experience in the field of agriculture and industry a maximum production of foodstuffs and raw materials must be our aim, and a rational economic division of labor must be achieved in Europe. By the appropriate use of all economic resources available in Europe, the living standards of European nations must be raise, and their safety in face of possible blockade measures from outside Europe must be increased. A stronger sense of economic community among European nations must be aroused by collaboration in all spheres of economic policy (currency, credit, production, trade, etc.). The economic consolidation of European countries should improve their bargaining position in dealings with other economic groups in the world economy. This united Europe will not submit to political and economic terms dictated to it by any extra-European body. It will trade on the basis of economic equality at all times in the knowledge of the weight which carries in economic matters».