Garbo at Bertrand

About Juan Garcia, alias Garbo [for the Brits] or Arabel [for the Huns], the double-agent that was ruled by Thomas Harris, from the XX Committee, and was so relevant for the D-Day strategic deception, I have this quotation for a book I will probably write relation his adventurous life in Lisbon: «In fact, Garcia lived in Estoril some of his peculiar stories, mainly that one of stealing a passport from a Galician who was installed at the same Hotel as him, the Suiço Atlântico in Lisboa, with the purpose of taking a photograph to the visa stamp, allowing the manufacture of false visas for further purposes.To grant the adequate conditions to that purpose, Garbo convinced Jaime, the Galician, to move to Hotel Monte Estoril were both share the same room and from where both left several times for the Casino to gamble with the large sum of 10 000 escudos, a false move just suggested to allow the double agent with time enough to take the necessary photos, later developed in typographical terms by Bertrand / Irmãos at Rua Condessa do Rio, nº 7».
Thanks to this blog that collect antique pictures and photos I could review an advertising from this printing house and remember him and the plan for the book.