Secret War in Portugal [1939-1945]
For SOE [British Special Operation Executive] 24 Land was the code name for Portugal


November 1941. British Ambassador in Lisbon, Sir Ronald Campbell suggests that a delegation of PVDE [Polícia de Vigilância e Defesa do Estado], the police body which cope with internal security and counter-intelligence, should be invited to visit England. The idea was to counteract against the Axis influence in that branch [source NA/Kew Gardens, FO371,26850].
PVDE was created in 1933, by Decree-Law n.º 22 992, 29.08, in the Ministry of Home Affairs, under the guidance of Captain Agostinho Lourenço. It was organised in two sections, one for the Political and Social Defence, and another the International Police, charged with the fight against espionage and subversion.
In 1943 it gained the control of illegal immigration and passports.
The image is a document from the Informations Department [jab archive]