Polish brave women: Krystyna Skarbek

A book about Krystyna Skarbek, Polish agent at Station D (later SOE) has been published and reviewed here. «In 1939, according to British Secret Service records, "a flaming Polish patriot…expert skier and great adventuress… absolutely fearless" submitted a courageous plan to the British. She was to ski into Nazi-occupied Poland from Hungary, over the Tatra mountain range dividing the two countries. Poland had fallen to the Germans, and the woman proposed to take British propaganda into Warsaw to bolster the Polish spirit of resistance. She would then ski back out with secret information about the disposition of German SS and Wermacht units around the capital.». More: «Naturalised as a Briton under this name, her wartime exploits in occupied Poland, France and eastern Europe were to see her become one of the most famous female Allied special agents of the war.»