Secret War in Portugal [1939-1945]
For SOE [British Special Operation Executive] 24 Land was the code name for Portugal

I read the Portuguese version of Ben Macintyre's book about some of the XX Committee's agents involved in "Bodyguard" operation, the counter-information plot against the Germans in order to deceive them about D'Day place of landing.
After the prologue the reader can be deceive about the number and nature of the agents that worked in that vital plan. Sir John Mastermann, in the second edition of his book, revelead the full list of the agents and codenames and they were not only five.
I write today about agent "Treasure", the white Russian (and only French by naturalisation), born Nathalie Sergueiew, because I wrote her biography, some years ago - gently quoted by the author - and feel obliged to give some further contribution about her case.
Macintyre's follows the official version of the British intelligence service that the temperamental lady almost compromised the whole operation because the beloved dog «Bab's» was not sent to her after she had been exfiltrated to England via Gibraltar, after the rendez-vous in Madrid with the POC Kenneth Benton, the MI6 officer, whose report about her I read in Kew Garden's Archives. I do disagree with this thesis because it seems that it's only a cover story in order to hide many of the contradictions of her case that are difficult to accept by the British stablishment.
There are also some other aspects that should be reconsidered.
First, if it's true that her German controler, major Emil (not Emile) Kliemann. from Luft Eins-Paris, had a psychological trauma in Madrid, suspecting that his lover and agent Yvonne Delidaise was in a a love affair with a Portuguese, the fact is that the name of the Portuguese is not Edgar Espírito Santo, but Ricardo Espírito Santo, the same banker who accepted in 1940 the Duke of Windsor in his villa in Boca do Inferno-Cascais.
Second, Benton could not assume, while interviewing "Lily" - her petty name - in Madrid that she was asking for a visa to reunite with her family, because the parents where in Paris and she only had a cousin (Dame) Elizabeth Hill, also Russian born, and academic specialized in Slavic studies in Cambridge University and officer at the soviet desk at the Ministry of Information, friend of the infamous soviet mole Anthony Blunt, the same who had been involved in Operation Triplex.
Third, she did not married Bart Coolings in 1947 but in 1945, 15 of August (see her letter to Louise Barton, an intimate friend) and died in Cedar, where her husband, already retired, lived when I interviewed him by phone for my book. He was an USAF's officer working in Paris, after the end of the war in the slave worker in the III Reich. I have in my possession the last letters that she wrote to her governess Mary Coate, whose son I interviewed in Wraxall (Bristol), that were left to his daughter Lucy Coate, whom I also met.
Fourth. One of the major points that I investigated for my book it's Sergueiew's (and not Sergeyev, as I read in many parts of the book) relationship with general Yevgeny Karlovich Miller, from the ROV's - the white russians organization in Paris - and the infiltration of the German Secret Service in this reseau, fact that it is relevant to acquired some solid grounds about agent Treasure's loyalty as a double agent. Miller had been kidnapped by NKVD, after the treason of general Skoblin, in a plot that I describe extensevly in my book.
The same must be said about the strange death of her sister Moussia, the body found naked in October 1945, because it remains the suspicion that the target was not her but "Lily", because she menaced to write the memoirs of her activity after been dismised from the secret service that she rendered.
That's all folks!