O Mundo das Sombras is incorporated in this blog

In order to organize all the materials of my research I decided today to incorporate in this blog posts previously published in another blog I created in the year 2005, which covers the same topic, but written in Portuguese, named O Mundo das Sombras. See it here. From now on the posts will be written in both languages.

30 March 2013

Sergueiew the lonesome traveller

It is not easy to find out references about Nathalie Sergueiew, the Russian-born agent that work for the XX Committee as "Treasure", about whom I wrote a book. 
Here you may find the part of her life which made her to travel, cycling, from Paris to Lebanon. A remarkable act of courage.

11 March 2013

Casa da Laura

It was not easy to discover the photo of this legendary restaurant. Casa da Laura was a discreet local for a "rendez-vous" of many of these who worked in the shadow..

Borbón in Portugal

The Borbón's in Portugal. In the second row Juan Carlos, current King of Spain. They lived in Estoril at Vila Giralda since 1946, where Juan de Borbón y Battenberg conducted a diplomatic work that would allow the re-establishment of the Monarchy in his country.

09 March 2013


It was not the "belle époque". These were hard times, but in the sunny coast of Cascais it was a "rendez-vous" for the very few and for many others. 
Santini's ice cream and "sorbet". A must.
Sixty years ago  the founder start business. (see here for more)