Secret War in Portugal [1939-1945]
For SOE [British Special Operation Executive] 24 Land was the code name for Portugal

Dino Grandi escape to Portugal

«Grandi, Dino Conte di Mordano (1895-1988) – WWI service as mountain troops officer; member of Italian Fascist Party (Partito Nazionale Fascista - PNF) Oct 1920; appointed Regional Secretary of Fascists in Emilia Romagna (Fasci dell' Emilia Romagna), Apr 1921; PNF Deputy May 1924; Interior Ministry Undersecretary Jul 1924; Foreign Ministry Undersecretary May 1925; Italian Foreign Minister Sept 1929-1932; Italian Ambassador to London Jul 1932-Jul 1939; Justice Minister (Ministro Guardasigilli) Jul 1939; appointed President of the Chamber of Fascists and Corporations (Camera dei Fasci e delle Corporazioni), Nov 1939-Feb 1943; service, Greek campaign Nov 1940; member, Italian Fascist Grand Council {fled to Portugal; charged with treason for supporting the ouster of Benito Mussolini in Sept 1943; convicted by a special Italian Social Republic (Repubblica Sociale Italiano - RSI) tribunal for the defense of the State at Verona and sentenced to death in absentia (NYT 8 Jan 1944:4:5; 10 Jan 1944:5:2; 11 Jan 1:7 & 5:4; NYT 12 Jan 1944:5:5); put on trial in absentia before an Italian court at Rome 25 Nov 1947 (LT 26 Nov 1947:3d); acquitted at trial in absentia by High Commission for the Expurgation of Fascism court 1 Dec 1947 (LT 2 Dec 1947:3f; Fascist Italy pps. 254-60); arrived at Buenos Aires, Argentina c. 1949 under the name "Domenico Galli" and claiming to be a Portugese attorney (NYT 27 Mar 1949:21:1); died 21 May 1988 at Bologna (ABR-Italy; Fascist Italy pps. 254-260).}» [source here]

While in Portugal, firts in Viana do Castelo [Hotel Santa Luzia] then in Monte do Estoril, till 1948, he assumed to be "Dr. Domenico Galli". A mensual subvention was granted through the Portuguese Government [see here]. For more see here  [in Italian].