Secret War in Portugal [1939-1945]
For SOE [British Special Operation Executive] 24 Land was the code name for Portugal

21 July 2013

007's soul and influence

I wrote about Ian Fleming 1941 travel to Lisbon in order to fly with Admiral Henry Godfrey to America in my book "Ensaio sobre a Imortalidade", a comparison between his personality and biography and 007's character. 
A naval officer, he was working then on the anglo-american cooperation in the field of intelligence.
Vient de paraître an essay about the novelist books influence in CIA's public profile [see here and here].
When one speaks about James Bond it's necessary to distinguish between what is on the books and what Hollywood made of him. He is much more than the covert operations agent. Casino Royale, Fleming's first book was about his human soul. The soul of both of them. Now it can be said this is the case of the hot bed and the cold war.

09 July 2013

A book about SOE agent Manderstam

I am working on a book about the life of Leopold (Lev) Manderstam, an engineer who work in Angola and Mozambique on the textile and oil business. In matter of fact he was a SOE agent. If anyone would convey some information about him, I would be much obliged. See the email adress on this blog page.