King Carol's funeral in Portugal, 1953

King's Carol, II [Carol von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen] and M. Lupescu stay in Portugal, where he arrived Mars 1941, caused some distress to Oliveira Salazar, because he was the Heir of the legitimate branch of the Monarchy, dethroned in 1910. 
But he lived here in Vivenda Girassol, one of the "golden crowns" that took our country has a quiet exile.
British Ambassador in Madrid, Sir Samuel Hoare, in his memoirs [Ambassador with a special mission, 1946] writes how delighted he was when he knew that the Monarch had escape from Spain when, despite the promises of Serrano Suñer, the Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister, he was confined. 
Everything had been previously arranged through the contacts between the Romanian Ambassador and the Portuguese Foreign Affairs Ministry.
He died of a heart attack on April 4th, 1953. His remains were returned to Romania in 2003.

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