German agenda, propaganda in Lisboa

German propaganda trough a pocket agenda, a gift from the German Information Service in Lisbon. 

I found it in my archives. 

Quotations from the Führer show him as the hope for a Christian, free, egalitarian society.

URSS was the only enemy, the Brits because they supported them

[read more, here, in Portuguese]

1939: Legionnaires parade

1939: Portuguese legionnaires parade, celebrating the anniversary of the National Revolution. Salazar states that «Portugal is proud to be Britain's old ally» [Source: British Pathé]. Click in the image to watch the trailer.

The Historical Society: War-time

«The stress of War conditions has naturally afected our activities even at this distance, some of our members finding they could render useful clerical assistance to various War-time services needing their collaboration». It can be read in the 4th annual report of The Historical Association (Lisbon Branch), dated 1940.
One of the members was Rev. Father Crowley that I mentioned in my book about SOE in Portugal concerning John Beevor local contacts.