Beta Naphthol: Rogério de Menezes secret writing

The secret ink that was given by the German controller agent in Lisboa to Rogério de Menezes, the Axis agent who worked in the Portuguese Embassy in London, being Armindo Monteiro the Ambassador, was "Beta Naphthol".
With it he sent messages to the Sicherheitdiesnt contact in Portugal and to the Italian informant. 
Looking further details about it I discovered this topic: "dermatitis due to invisible ink". Se it here. The product is exactly the same. 

Once developed, by Mi5 scientist Dr. Henry Vincent Aird Briscoe, using ammonia gas and ultraviolet light to make it fluoresce, the messages could be read for some seconds and photographed.
In the process some of the letters were destroyed. Menezes notice that the letters he was sending to his sister, where the others clandestine letters where hidden, did not arrive.
Strange fact, because they were not sent by post but in the Portuguese diplomatic bag. 
Reason: the British Mi5 was violating it...

Mary Christine Beevor interview

Mary Christine Beevor interviewed: British civilian secretary with MI5 in London, GB, 1939-1940; secretary with MI6 in Lisbon, Portugal rorking with Richmond Stopford, 1940-1942; secretary with Planning Section, Air Ministry in London, GB and during Yalta and Potsdam Conferences, 1942-1945 [source, IMperial War Museum, London [here]
Beevor Mary Christine IWM interview (9599)

Portugal ammunition reserves: 1939

«In 1939, the ammunition depots of the Portuguese were estimated to withstand only 3 days of intense fighting», as can be read here, in the blog of João Paulo Maganinho.

Warsaw, Conference on Enigma Machine

The Conference took place in Warsaw in 2009. It was about Polish contribution during WW2 for intelligence, counter-intelligence and mostly for deciphering the Enigma Machine traffic.
I was invited and produced a paper about SOE in Portugal. 
I found the news about the event, today, here.

Flowers were a form to pay the tribute to the man who did the work to crack the German cypher machine, Marian Rejewski.

Umberto Campini, the end

I think it its the tomb of Italian Consul in Mozambique, the Master spy who was Malcolm Muggeridge target when he was posted as Mi6 British agent in Lourenço Marques, Umberto Campini, who acted under the cover of Stefani News Agency, with an extensive network including as his aide Alfredo Manna, a musician.

Source of the information here

3D Spies of WWII

Air espionage during WW2. Through stereoscope 3D images of German targets. RAF did it.

3D Spies of WWII por BrarFilms

King Carol's funeral in Portugal, 1953

King's Carol, II [Carol von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen] and M. Lupescu stay in Portugal, where he arrived Mars 1941, caused some distress to Oliveira Salazar, because he was the Heir of the legitimate branch of the Monarchy, dethroned in 1910. 
But he lived here in Vivenda Girassol, one of the "golden crowns" that took our country has a quiet exile.
British Ambassador in Madrid, Sir Samuel Hoare, in his memoirs [Ambassador with a special mission, 1946] writes how delighted he was when he knew that the Monarch had escape from Spain when, despite the promises of Serrano Suñer, the Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister, he was confined. 
Everything had been previously arranged through the contacts between the Romanian Ambassador and the Portuguese Foreign Affairs Ministry.
He died of a heart attack on April 4th, 1953. His remains were returned to Romania in 2003.

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Vatican and Portugal: 1940

Vatican and Portugal diplomatic relationship and the esteem of the Pope towards Salazar is clear reading today the speech of Pius XII at 20md October 1940, receiving the credentials of the Portuguese Ambassador Carneiro Pacheco.

«Il Signore ha dato alla Nazione Portoghese un Capo di Governo che ha saputo conquistare non soltanto l'amore del popolo suo, e specialmente delle classi misere, ma anche il rispetto é la stima del mondo. A lui spetta il merito di esser stato, in riguardo a questo Governo, e sotto gli auspici dell'eminente Presidente della Repubblica, l'artefice d'una grande opera di pace fra lo Stato e la Chiesa, questa società perfetta e suprema la cui benefica azione dopo le tristi esperienze fatte in un torbido passato, potrà ora adoperarsi con sicurezza in mezzo al diletto popolo portoghese.»

Full text here