O Mundo das Sombras is incorporated in this blog

In order to organize all the materials of my research I decided today to incorporate in this blog posts previously published in another blog I created in the year 2005, which covers the same topic, but written in Portuguese, named O Mundo das Sombras. See it here. From now on the posts will be written in both languages.

28 October 2016

Anfora in Marmagoa: Francesco Rodi letter

Thank you to Charles LaBlonde who sent me this letter written by Francesco Rodi, crew member of the Italian ship Anfora, sunk in Marmagoa after the British attack of a SOE command. 
I quoted his name in my book about the event, afer a Red Cross Report read in the Portuguese Foreign Office Archive in Lisbon.
He was arrested in Aguada Prison as many others waiting to be submited to a judicial trial.